Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

6-20  Firmware User Guide
If you set the value to zero, the Router will re-key the SA whenever the SA Lifetime inter val specifies, 
regardless of whether traffic is passing through it or not. This will effectively “nail up” the tunnel.
Maximum Packet Size permits you to modify the MTU setting for the tunnel. Some ISPs require a setting 
of e.g. 1492 (or other value). The default 1500 is the most common and you usually don’t need to change 
this unless other wise instructed. Accepted values are from 100 – 1500.
This is the star ting value that is used for the MTU when the IPSec tunnel is installed. It specifies the 
maximum IP packet length for the encapsulated AH or ESP packets sent by the router. The MTU used on 
the IPSec connection will be automatically adjusted based on the MTU value in any received ICMP can't 
 error messages that correspond to IPSec traffic initiated from the router. Normally the MTU only 
requires manual configuration if the ICMP error messages are blocked or other wise not received by the 
IPsec WAN Configuration Screens
You can also configure IKE Phase 1 Profiles in the WAN Configuration menus.
The WAN Configuration screen now includes IKE Phase 1 Configuration as shown:
Select IKE Phase 1 Configuration and press Return.
The IKE Phase 1 Configuration screen appears.
WAN Configuration
IKE Phase 1
                                WAN Configuration
                     WAN (Wide Area Network) Setup...
                     ATM Circuits Configuration...
                     Display/Change Connection Profile...
                     Add Connection Profile...
                     Delete Connection Profile...
                     WAN Default Profile...
                     ATMP/PPTP Default Profile...
                     IKE Phase 1 Configuration...
                     Advanced Connection Options...
                     Establish WAN Connection...
                     Disconnect WAN Connection...
Return/Enter for WAN Line configuration.
From here you will configure yours and the remote sites' WAN information.