Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Key Management for VPNs   6-21
The IKE Phase 1 Configuration screen allows configuration of global (non-connection-profile-specific) IPsec 
parameters. This screen allows you to Display, Change, Add, or Delete an IKE Phase 1 profile.
IPsec Manual Key Entry
The Version 8.6 firmware has a redesigned layout and additional options for manual key entr y. If you selected 
Manual Key Management in the IPsec Tunnel Options screen, you will need to enter your encr yption keys in the 
IPsec Manual Keys screen. 
                              IKE Phase 1 Configuration
                     Display/Change IKE Phase 1 Profile...
                     Add IKE Phase 1 Profile...
                     Delete IKE Phase 1 Profile...
                             IPsec Tunnel Options
         Key Management...                  Manual
         Encapsulation...                   ESP
         ESP Encryption Transform...        DES
         ESP Authentication Transform...    HMAC-MD5-96
         IPsec Manual Keys...
                 COMMIT                     CANCEL