Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

6-22  Firmware User Guide
Select IPsec Manual Keys and press Return.
Depending on your selections of Encapsulation, Encr yption Transform, and Authentication Transform in the 
IPsec Tunnel Options screen, the IPsec Manual Keys screen will display differing entr y fields to enter 
authorization keys and encr yption keys.
With Manual Keys, you must manually configure identical authentication and encr yption keys at both ends of 
the tunnel. The authentication keys are either 32 (for MD5) or 40 (for SHA1) ascii hex characters, while the 
encr yption keys are 16 (for DES) or 48 (for triple-DES) ascii-hex characters.
VPN Quickview
Statistics are displayed on the VPN Quick View screen.
The VPN Quick View screen has been modified slightly in firmware version 8.6.
                             IPsec Manual Keys
         SHA1 ESP Auth. Key:
         SHA1 AH Auth. Key:
Quick View