Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Internet Key Exchange (IKE) IPsec Key Management for VPNs   6-23
If the remote tunnel end point is a hostname (or “”) is displayed until a Security Association is 
established. Previously the remote members network was displayed.
WAN Event History Error Reporting
The following events are logged and displayed in the WAN Event Histor y screen: 
Event message:
IKE: no ph1 preferences assigned
An attempt was made to use an IPsec profile with no IKE 
profile attached to it.
IKE: DNS lookup failure
The DNS lookup of the remote tunnel end point has failed.
IKE: no matching ph1 profile
An IKE phase 1 request was received and did not match 
any of the profiles stored in the local Router.
IKE: no matching proposal
An IKE phase 1 request was received and the proposal did 
not match an allowed parameter, or else the remote 
rejected the local Router’s proposal.
IKE: phase 1 auth failure
The phase 1 remote authentication failed.
IKE: phase 1 resend timeout
The attempt to resend the phase 1 remote authentication 
timed out.
IKE: phase 1 complete
The phase 1 negotiation completed successfully.
IKE: phase 2 hash failure
The phase-2 hash failed because the data received is out 
of date or has been tampered with.
                                VPN Quick View
 Profile Name----------Type--Rx Pckts--Tx Pckts--Discard--Remote Address--
 HA <-> FA1 (Jony Fon  ATMP        99        99 
 HA <-> FA3 (Sleve M.  ATMP        13        14 
 My IPsec Tunnel       IPsec       23        12 
 Bangalore             PPTP        45        35