Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

2-2  Firmware User Guide
WAN Ethernet Configuration screen
The WAN Ethernet Configuration screen appears as follows:
Address Translation Enabled allows you to specify whether or not the router per forms Network Address 
Translation (NAT) on the Ethernet WAN por t. NAT is enabled by default.
Obtain WAN address via DHCP allows you to toggle WAN DHCP Off and On. DHCP is On by default. so that 
if you do not change the setting, the Router will acquire its WAN IP address automatically. By default, the 
router acts as a DHCP client on the Ethernet WAN por t and and attempts to acquire an address from a 
DHCP ser ver.
The Local WAN IP Address field allows you to manually configure an IP address for use on the Ethernet 
WAN por t. This field only becomes visible if you toggle Obtain WAN address via DHCP to Off. 
The Local WAN IP Mask field becomes visible if you specify a Local WAN IP Address. This allows you to 
manually configure an IP subnet mask for use on the Ethernet WAN por t. This item is visible only if you 
have configured a non-zero Ethernet IP Address; other wise, the router obtains a subnet mask via DHCP.
The NAT Map List and NAT Server List options are set to the defaults, Easy-PAT List and Easy-Servers. 
These provide standard NAT mappings. For more advanced NAT configurations, see 
NAT Options allows you to specify IP Passthrough, allowing a single PC on the LAN to have the router’s 
public address assigned to it. See 
If you set Stateful Inspection Enabled to Yes, you can enable a security feature for computers on your LAN 
when NAT is disabled. See 
The Filter Set pop-up allows you to associate an IP filter set with the Ethernet WAN por t. See 
Remove Filter Set allows you to remove a previously associated filter set.
The WAN Ethernet Speed Setting is now configurable via a pop-up menu. Options are: 
                          WAN Ethernet Configuration
         Address Translation Enabled:       Yes
         Obtain WAN address via DHCP:       On
         NAT Map List...                    Easy-PAT List
         NAT Server List...                 Easy-Servers
         NAT Options...
         Stateful Inspection Enabled:       No
         Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set
         WAN Ethernet Speed Setting...      Auto-Negotiation
         Wan Ethernet MAC Address:          00:0f:cc:0b:9d:ce
         DHCP Client Mode:                  Standards-Based
         RIP Options...
Set up the basic IP attributes of your Ethernet Module in this screen.