Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-2  Firmware User Guide
IP Setup
The IP Setup options screen is where you configure the Ethernet side of the Router. The information you enter 
here controls how the gateway routes IP traffic.
Consult your network administrator or ISP to obtain the IP setup information (such as the Ethernet IP address, 
Ethernet subnet mask, default IP gateway, and Primar y Domain Name Ser ver IP address) you will need before 
changing any of the settings in this screen. Changes to these settings that you make in this screen will take 
effect only after the Netopia device is reset.
To go to the IP Setup options screen, from the Main Menu, select System Configuration, then IP Setup.
The IP Setup screen appears.
Follow these steps to configure IP setup for your Router:
Select Ethernet IP Address and enter the IP address for the Router’s Ethernet por t.
Select Ethernet Subnet Mask and enter the subnet mask for the Ethernet IP address that you entered in 
the last step.
If you desire multiple subnets select Define Additional Subnets. If you select this item you will be taken to 
the IP Subnets screen. This screen allows you to define IP addresses and masks for additional subnets. 
IP Setup
                                  IP Setup
         Ethernet IP Address:     
         Ethernet Subnet Mask:    
         Define Additional Subnets...
         Default IP Gateway:      
         Backup IP Gateway:       
         Primary Domain Name Server:
         Secondary Domain Name Server:
         Domain Name:                       
         Rip Options...
         Proxy Arp Enabled:                 No
         Multicast Forwarding...            None
         VRRP Options...
      Static Routes...                         IP Address Serving...
      Additional LANs...
Set up the basic IP attributes of your Netopia in this screen.