Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-4  Firmware User Guide
If you select IP Address Serving you will be taken to the IP Address Ser ving screen (see 
). Since no two hosts can use the same IP address at the same time, make sure 
that the addresses distributed by the Router and those that are manually configured are not the same. 
Each method of distribution must have its own exclusive range of addresses to draw from.
If you select Additional LANs you will be taken to the Additional LAN Configuration screen (see 
). Here you can create up to six additional local area networks that can be associated 
with any IP routed inter face.
IP subnets
The IP Subnets screen allows you to configure up to eight Ethernet IP subnets on unlimited-user models, one 
“primar y” subnet and up to seven secondar y subnets, by entering IP address/subnet mask pairs:
Note: You need not use this screen if you have only a single Ethernet IP subnet. In that case, you can continue 
to enter or edit the IP address and subnet mask for the single subnet on the IP Setup screen.
This screen displays up to eight rows of two editable columns, preceded by a row number between one and 
eight. If you have eight subnets configured, there will be eight rows on this screen. Other wise, there will be one 
more row than the number of configured subnets. The last row will have the value in both the IP 
address and subnet mask fields to indicate that you can edit the values in this row to configure an additional 
subnet. All eight row labels are always visible, regardless of the number of subnets configured.
To add an IP subnet, enter the Router’s IP address on the subnet in the IP Address field in a par ticular row 
and the subnet mask for the subnet in the Subnet Mask field in that row.
                              IP Subnets
               IP Address          Subnet Mask
               ----------------    ---------------