Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-6  Firmware User Guide
If you have configured multiple Ethernet IP subnets, the IP Setup screen changes slightly:
The IP address and Subnet mask items are hidden, and the Define Additional Subnets... item becomes Subnet 
Configuration.... If you select Subnet Configuration, you will return to the IP Subnets screen that allows you to 
define IP addresses and masks for additional Ethernet IP subnets.
Static routes
Static routes are IP routes that are maintained manually. Each static route acts as a pointer that tells the 
Router how to reach a par ticular network. However, static routes are used only if they appear in the IP routing 
table, which contains all of the routes used by the Router (see 
Static routes are helpful in situations where a route to a network must be used and other means of finding the 
route are unavailable. For example, static routes are useful when you cannot rely on RIP. 
To go to the Static Routes screen, select Static Routes in the IP Setup screen and press Return.
                                  IP Setup
         Subnet Configuration...
         Default IP Gateway:      
         Backup IP Gateway:       
         Primary Domain Name Server:
         Secondary Domain Name Server:
         Domain Name:
         Rip Options...
         Proxy Arp Enabled:                 No
         Multicast Forwarding...            None
         VRRP Options...
      Static Routes...                         IP Address Serving...
      Additional LANs...
Return/Select to view/configure IP Subnets.
Set up the basic IP attributes of your Netopia in this screen.