Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-8  Firmware User Guide
Subnet Mask: The subnet mask associated with the destination network.
Next Gateway: The IP address of the gateway that will be used to reach the destination network.
Priority: An indication of whether the Router will use the static route when it conflicts with information received 
from RIP packets.
Enabled: An indication of whether the static route should be installed in the IP routing table.
To return to the Static Routes screen, press Escape.
Adding a static route
To add a new static route, select Add Static Route in the Static Routes screen. The Add Static Route screen 
will appear.
To install the static route in the IP routing table, select Static Route Enabled and toggle it to Yes. To 
remove the static route from the IP routing table, select Static Route Enabled and toggle it to No.
Be sure to read the rules on the installation of static routes in the IP routing table. See 
Select Destination Network IP Address and enter the network IP address of the destination network.
Select Destination Network Subnet Mask and enter the subnet mask used by the destination network.
Select Next Gateway IP Address and enter the IP address for the gateway that the Router will use to reach 
the destination network. This gateway does not necessarily have to be par t of the destination network, but 
it must at least know where to for ward packets destined for that network.
Select Route Priority and choose High or Low. High means that the static route takes precedence over RIP 
information; Low means that the RIP information takes precedence over the static route.
If the static route conflicts with a connection profile, the connection profile will always take precedence. 
                             Add Static Route
         Static Route Enabled:              Yes
         Destination Network IP Address:
         Destination Network Subnet Mask:
         Next Gateway IP Address: 
         Route Priority...                  High
         Advertise Route Via RIP:           No
         ADD STATIC ROUTE NOW               CANCEL
Configure a new Static Route in this Screen.