Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

WAN Configuration   2-3
Auto-Negotiation (the default)
100 Mbps Full Duplex
100 Mbps Half Duplex
10 Mbps Full Duplex
10 Mbps Half Duplex
100 Mbps, Full Duplex, Fixed
100 Mbps, Half Duplex, Fixed
10 Mbps, Full Duplex, Fixed
10 Mbps, Half Duplex, Fixed 
This may be useful in mixed networks, where multiple routers have different ethernet speed capability. If 
you want to maintain a single speed setting for compatibility with multiple routers on your LAN, you can 
select a speed/duplex combination that all of your routers can match.
The Wan Ethernet MAC Address is the hardware address of the Netopia device. Some ser vice providers 
require a specific MAC address as par t of their authentication process. In such a case, you can enter the 
MAC address that your ser vice provider requires. If your ser vice provider doesn’t use this method, you 
don’t need to change this field.
The DHCP Client Mode setting depends on the type of access concentrator equipment your ser vice 
provider uses. Most use Standards-Based. Alternatively, your provider may instruct you to select Copper 
Mountain Specific.
The RIP Options selection displays the WAN Ethernet RIP Parameters screen.
The Receive RIP pop-up menu controls the reception and transmission of Routing Information Protocol 
(RIP) packets on the Ethernet WAN por t. The default is Both. 
The Transmit RIP pop-up menu is hidden if NAT is enabled.
                         WAN Ethernet RIP Parameters
         Receive RIP:                     | Off            |
                                          | v1             |
                                          | v2             |
                                          | Both v1 and v2 |
                                          | v2 MD5 Authentication