Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-12  Firmware User Guide
You can also select Transmit RIP, and choose v2 MD5 (broadcast) or v2 MD5 (multicast) from the pop-up 
RIP v2 Authentication Keys is visible only if v2 MD5 Authentication is enabled for either Receive or 
Transmit RIP.
• All of the changes on this menu require a reboot. This is unique to the Ethernet LAN. RIP changes on all other 
inter faces are immediately effective.
• If you set the RIP Receive option to Both v1 and v2, the inter face will ignore authenticated RIP packets since 
authenticated v1 packets do not exist. Only v2 packets can be authenticated.
                         Ethernet LAN RIP Options
         Receive RIP...                     v2 MD5 Authentication
         Transmit RIP...                    Off
         RIP v2 Authentication Keys...
                         Ethernet LAN RIP Options
         Receive RIP...                   +--------------------+n
         Transmit RIP...                  | Off                |
                                          | v1                 |
         RIP v2 Authentication Keys...    | v2 (broadcast)     |
                                          | v2 (multicast)     |
                                          | v2 MD5 (broadcast) |
                                          | v2 MD5 (multicast) |