Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-14  Firmware User Guide
The Start Date and End Date formats are determined by the System Date Format, set on the Set Date and 
Time menu under the System Configuration menus.
The Start Time and End Time formats are determined by the System Time Format. The AM or PM pop-up 
menus do not appear if the time format is 24 hour time.
The End Time Mode pop-up menu allows you to select either Date or Infinite. This determines whether or 
not the key will expire at a specified time and date, or remain effective indefinitely.
End Date, End Time, and AM or PM do not appear if the End Time Mode is set to “Infinite”. Infinite means 
that the key begins when it begins, but it never expires. The acceptable year range is from 1904 – 2039.
When you are satisfied with your entries, select COMMIT and press Return. 
This menu will not accept a non-unique Key ID on the same inter face; failure to enter an authentication 
key; or a negative star t date, end date, or star t time and end time range.
Changes to RIP Keys on all inter faces are immediately effective. This differs from the remainder of the RIP 
configuration on the Ethernet LAN, which requires a reboot. It is impor tant that the keys be able to change 
dynamically, however, because the purpose of entering more than one key on an inter face is to insure a smooth 
transition between keys with no network outages.
Changing or deleting a key
You change or delete a key by selecting it from a pop-up menu. In the RIP v2 Authentication Keys menu, select 
Display/Change Key.
Note: The date and time formats are determined by the system date and time formats. If the current date 
and time fall within the range of dates and times, the Valid field indicates “yes”, other wise it indicates 
If you select Delete Key, a pop-up menu will ask you to confirm your choice.
                         RIP v2 Authentication Keys
          +-Key ID--Start Date--Start Time--End Date--End Time--Valid-+
          | 1       10/10/2002  12:00 AM    Infinite            yes   |
          | 255     3/11/2000   3:17 PM     8/6/2002  1:24 AM   no    |
          |                                                           |
                     Delete Key...
Up/Down Arrow Keys to select, ESC to dismiss, Return/Enter to Edit.