Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-16  Firmware User Guide
Receive RIP is always visible. Here you select Off, v1, v2, Both v1 and v2, or v2 MD5 Authentication from 
the pop-up menu. For MD5 authentication, you must select v2 MD5 Authentication.
If NAT is disabled
, Transmit RIP is visible. Here you select Off, v1, v2 (broadcast), v2 (multicast), v2 MD5 
(broadcast), or v2 MD5 (multicast) from the pop-up menu. For MD5 authentication, you must select v2 
MD5 (either broadcast or multicast).
If you chose any Transmit RIP option other than Off
, TX RIP Policy is visible. Here you select Poison 
Reverse or Split Horizon from the pop-up menu. Unless other wise instructed, leave the default Poison 
If either Receive RIP or Transmit RIP is set to v2 MD5 Authentication, RIP v2 Authentication Keys is 
visible. Selecting RIP v2 Authentication Keys takes you to the RIP v2 Authentication Keys screen, where you 
can configure your keys in the same manner as in 
. After configuring your key, 
press COMMIT in the Add or Change Key screen, then press Escape three times to return to the Add or 
Change Connection Profile screen.
Select COMMIT in the Connection Profile screen and press Return. Your changes become effective for the 
specified Connection Profile.
Power interruptions
Netopia 4000 Series routers use NTP updates to set the correct time. Consequently, the star ting time after a 
power cycle, whether from power failure or deliberately switching power off and on, is in the year 1904. This 
could invalidate some keys that would other wise be valid. To prevent this, if the system time is before the year 
2000, all keys are considered valid regardless of their specified date and time ranges.
                            RIP Profile Parameters
         Receive RIP:                       v2 MD5 Authentication
         Transmit RIP:                      v2 MD5 (multicast)
         TX RIP Policy...                   Poison Reverse
         RIP v2 Authentication Keys...