Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

IP Setup   7-17
IP Address Serving
In addition to being a gateway, the Router is also an IP address ser ver. There are three protocols it can use to 
distribute IP addresses. 
The first, called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), is widely suppor ted on PC networks, as well 
as Apple Macintosh computers using Open Transpor t and computers using the UNIX operating system. 
Addresses assigned via DHCP are “leased” or allocated for a shor t period of time; if a lease is not 
renewed, the address becomes available for use by another computer. DHCP also allows most of the IP 
parameters for a computer to be configured by the DHCP ser ver, simplifying setup of each machine.
The second, called BootP (also known as Bootstrap Protocol), is the predecessor to DHCP and allows older 
IP hosts to obtain most of the information that a DHCP client would obtain. However, in contrast, BootP 
address assignments are “permanent” since there is no lease renewal mechanism in BootP.
The third protocol, called Dynamic WAN, is par t of the PPP/MP suite of wide area protocols used for WAN 
connections. It allows remote terminal adapters and NAT-enabled gateways to be assigned a temporar y IP 
address for the duration of their connection.
Since no two hosts can use the same IP address at the same time, make sure that the addresses distributed 
by the Router and those that are manually configured are not the same. Each method of distribution must have 
its own exclusive range of addresses to draw from.
Go to the System Configuration screen. Select IP Address Serving and press Return. The IP Address Ser ving 
screen will appear.
IP Address
Ser ving
• Ser ve DHCP Clients
• Ser ve BootP Clients
• Ser ve Dynamic WAN Clients
                              IP Address Serving
         IP Address Serving Mode...       | Disabled         |
                                          | DHCP Server      |
         Number of Client IP Addresses:   | DHCP Relay Agent |
         1st Client Address:              +------------------+
         Client Default Gateway...
         Serve DHCP Clients:                Yes
         DHCP Next-Server:        
         DHCP Lease Time (Hours):           1
         DHCP NetBIOS Options...
         Serve BOOTP Clients:               Yes
         Serve Dynamic WAN Clients          Yes