Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-18  Firmware User Guide
Follow these steps to configure IP Address Ser ving:
If you enabled IP Address Ser ving, then DHCP, BootP clients and Dynamic WAN clients are automatically 
The IP Address Serving Mode pop-up menu allows you to choose the way in which the Router will ser ve IP 
addresses. The device can act as either a DHCP Ser ver or a DHCP Relay Agent. (See 
 for more information.) In most cases, you will use the device to ser ve its own pool of IP 
addresses, hence DHCP Ser ver is the default. Address ser ving can also be disabled.
Select Number of Client IP Addresses and enter the total number of contiguous IP addresses that the 
Router will distribute to the client machines on your local area network. Twelve-user models are limited to 
twelve IP addresses.
In the screen example shown above, five Client IP addresses have been allocated.
Select 1st Client Address and enter the first client IP address that you will allocate to your first client 
machine. For instance, on your local area network you may want to first figure out which machines are going 
to be allocated specific static IP addresses so that you can determine the pool of IP addresses that you will 
be ser ving addresses from via DHCP, BootP, and/or Dynamic WAN.
Example: Your ISP has given your Router the IP address, with a subnet mask of The subnet mask allocated will give you six IP addresses to use when connecting to the 
ISP over the Internet. Your address range will be from .137 – .143. In this example you would enter as the 1st Client Address, since the gateway itself must have an IP address.
To enable DHCP, select Serve DHCP Clients and toggle it to Yes. DHCP ser ving is automatic when IP 
Address Ser ving is enabled.
The DHCP Next-Server field allows you to enter the IP address of the next ser ver in the boot process, 
which is typically a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) ser ver.
The default DHCP Lease time is one hour. This may be unnecessarily brief in your network environment. 
Consequently, the DHCP lease time is configurable. The DHCP Lease Time (Hours) setting allows you to 
modify the gateway’s default lease time of one hour. You can enter any number up to and including 168 
hours (one week) for the DHCP lease.
About DHCP Auto-configuration:
Cer tain model gateways will allow the IP Address Ser ver to auto-configure when the gateway is configured with 
a new IP Address and Subnet Mask. This applies according to the following guidelines:
• If you configure the gateway with a 24 bit Subnet Mask (Class C), the gateway will continue ser ving from 
   100-199, with the new IP Address.
• If you configure the gateway with a subnet smaller than a Class C subnet, the gateway will ser ve all available 
• If you explicitly configure the DHCP pool, auto-configuration of the DHCP pool is suppressed.
• If you configure the gateway manually and you would like the gateway to auto-configure DHCP, you must 
   explicitly set the IP Address and Subnet Mask to and reboot.