Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-20  Firmware User Guide
IP Address Pools
The IP Address Pools screen allows you to configure a separate IP address ser ving pool for each of up to eight 
configured Ethernet IP subnets:
This screen consists of between two and eight rows of four columns each. There are exactly as many rows as 
there are Ethernet IP subnets configured on the IP Subnets screen.
The Subnet (# host addrs) column is non-selectable and non-editable. It indicates the network address of 
the Ethernet IP subnet for which an address pool is being configured and the number of host addresses 
available on the subnet. The network address is equal to the gateway’s IP address on the subnet 
bitwise-ANDed with the subnet mask. The host address count is equal to the subnet size minus three, 
since one address is reser ved for the network address, one for the subnet broadcast address, and one for 
the gateway’s inter face address on the subnet.
You can edit the remaining columns in each row.
The 1st Client Addr and Clients columns allow you to specify the base and extent of the address ser ving 
pool for a par ticular subnet. Entering for the first client address or 0 for the number of clients 
indicates that no addresses will be ser ved from the corresponding Ethernet IP subnet.
The Client Gateway column allows you to specify the default gateway address that will be provided to 
clients ser ved an address from the corresponding pool. The value defaults to the Router’s IP address on 
the corresponding subnet (or the Router’s default gateway, if that gateway is located on the subnet in 
question). You can override the value by entering any address that is par t of the subnet.
DHCP, BootP, and dynamic WAN clients may receive an address from any one of the address ser ving pools 
configured on this screen.
                              IP Address Pools
   Subnet (# host addrs)       1st Client Addr   Clients   Client Gateway
   ---------------------       ---------------   -------   --------------   (253)   16   (253)   8