Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-24  Firmware User Guide
The ability to view the host name associated with a client to which the gateway has leased an IP address.
The ability for the gateway’s Ethernet IP address(es) to overlap the DHCP address ser ving pool(s).
The ability to ser ve as a DHCP Relay Agent.
The Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 suppor ts reser ving an IP address only for a type 1 client identifier (i.e., an 
Ethernet hardware address). It does not suppor t reser ving an IP address for an arbitrar y client identifier. (For 
more information on client identifiers, see RFC 2131, section 9.14.)
Configuring the IP Address Server options
To access the enhanced DHCP ser ver functions, from the Main Menu navigate to Statistics & Logs and then 
Served IP Addresses.
The following example shows the Ser ved IP Addresses screen after three clients have leased IP addresses. The 
first client did not provide a Host Name in its DHCP messages; the second and third clients did.
The rightmost column displays the host name supplied by the client if one was provided; other wise it displays 
the client identifier. (If a host name is displayed, the client identifier is still accessible in a Details pop-up menu. 
See below.)
The ser ver does not quer y the client for its host name. Macintosh computers running versions of 
MacOS prior to MacOS version 8.5 (OT 2.0.1, TCP/IP 2.0.1) do not supply a host name option in their DHCP 
messages, so no host name will appear in the Ser ved IP Addresses list.
Ser ved IP
Statistics & Logs
                              Served IP Addresses
 -IP Address------Type----Expires—-Host Name/Client Identifier-----------------
 ----------------------------------SCROLL UP-----------------------------------    DHCP    00:59    EN: 00-00-C5-70-00-04    DHCP    00:59    Bill’s Pentium    DHCP    00:45    Steve’s Power Mac
 ---------------------------------SCROLL DOWN----------------------------------
 Lease Management...