Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

IP Setup   7-27
An IP address is marked declined when a client to whom the DHCP ser ver offers the address declines the 
address. A client declines an address if it determines that a leased address is already in use by another 
Selecting Include restores the selected IP address to the address ser ving pool so that the IP address is 
once again eligible to be ser ved to a client.
Release is displayed if the entr y is currently offered, leased, or reser ved. 
Selecting Release puts the selected entr y in the available state. You will be presented with a warning 
dialog asking you to confirm the operation since the IP address is in use. There is no mechanism to notify 
the client to whom the address is leased that the lease has been terminated. Thus, the client will continue 
to use the address until the next time it attempts to renew its lease. In the interim, the ser ver may lease 
the same IP address to a different client, thereby creating an address conflict. For this reason, releasing 
an address that is actively being used by a client is generally not recommended.
Reserve… is displayed if the entr y is available, declined, excluded, leased, offered, or reser ved. 
Reser ving an IP address for a client with a par ticular Ethernet MAC address guarantees that a client with 
the specified MAC address will be offered or leased the specified IP address. Moreover, it prevents the 
specified IP address from being offered or leased to any other client. 
Selecting Reserve... displays a pop-up dialog box that displays the IP address and editable item in which 
you can enter an Ethernet MAC address. The pop-up dialog box includes OK and CANCEL buttons for 
confirming or cancelling the operation. If the IP address is currently offered or leased to, or reser ved for, a 
client, you will be presented with a warning dialog asking you to confirm the operation. Reser ving an IP 
address guarantees that the IP address will only be leased.
The gateway’s Ethernet IP address(es) will be automatically excluded from the address ser ving pool(s) on 
star tup. Entries in the ser ved IP address list corresponding to the gateway’s Ethernet IP address(es) that have 
been automatically excluded on star tup are not selectable.
                              Served IP Addresses
 -IP Address------Type----Expires—-Host Name/Client Identifier-----------------
 ----------------------------------SCROLL UP-----------------------------------   +--------------------------------------+   +--------------------------------------+   |                                      |   | IP Address is          |   | MAC Address:  00-00-c5-45-89-ef      |   |                                      |   |          CANCEL       OK             |   |                                      |   |                                      |   +--------------------------------------+    +------------+
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