Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

IP Setup   7-33
Multicast Forwarding
Multicasting is a method for transmitting large amounts of information to many, but not all, computers over an 
Internet. One common use is to distribute real time audio and video to the set of computers which have joined 
a distributed conference.
Multicasting is similar to radio or TV broadcasts in the sense that only those who have tuned in to a par ticular 
frequency receive the information. You see and hear the channel you are interested in, but not the others.
Since a router should not be used as a passive for warding device, Netopia Routers use a protocol for 
for warding multicasting. This protocol is Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP). Netopia Routers can use 
either IGMP Version 1 or Version 2, however, Multicast For warding will only work if your ser vice provider 
suppor ts it. Check with your ser vice provider. IGMP for warding is enabled per IP Profile and WAN Connection 
You configure Multicast For warding in two Telnet menu screens:
First, you enable Multicast For warding in the IP Setup screen in the System Configuration menu,
Then you associate it with a Connection Profile in the IP Profile Parameters screen in the 
Add/Display/Change Connection Profile menus.
Navigate to the IP Setup screen.
By default, Multicast For warding is tuned off (None). You enable the gateway to transmit multicast data by 
selecting Tx. from the pop-up menu.
You can fine-tune IGMP options in the IGMP Setup menu. See 
System Configuration
                                  IP Setup
         Ethernet IP Address:     
         Ethernet Subnet Mask:    
         Define Additional Subnets...
         Default IP Gateway:      
         Backup IP Gateway:       
         Primary Domain Name Server:
         Secondary Domain Name Server:
         Domain Name:
         RIP Options...
         Multicast Forwarding...          +----------------+
                                          | None           |
                                          | Tx.            |
      Static Routes...                         IP Address Serving...
      Additional LANs...