Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-34  Firmware User Guide
Navigate to the IP Profile Parameters screen.
Typically, you will have a Connection Profile that you created in Easy Setup. You may have more. Select the 
Connection Profile that you want to use from the Display/Change Connection Profile menu, and then select IP 
Profile Parameters.
The Multicast Forwarding option is only visible in this screen if Multicast For warding is set to Tx in the 
By default, Multicast For warding is turned off (None) on Connection Profiles until you enable a specific 
Connection Profile to receive multicast data. You enable it by selecting Rx. from the pop-up menu.
WAN Configuration
Connection Profile
                            IP Profile Parameters
         Address Translation Enabled:       Yes
         IP Addressing...                   Numbered
         NAT Map List...                    Easy-PAT List
         NAT Server List...                 Easy-Servers
         Local WAN IP Address:    
         Local WAN IP Mask:       
         Remote IP Address:       
         Remote IP Mask:          
         Filter Set...                    +----------------+
         Remove Filter Set                +----------------+
                                          | None           |
                                          | Rx.            |
         Multicast Forwarding...
         RIP Profile Options...