Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-36  Firmware User Guide
The Add Vir tual Router screen appears.
VRID – Enter a VRID value. Each logical IP inter face can have a maximum of two Vir tual Routers. A Vir tual 
Router is identified by its Vir tual Router Identifier (VRID). The VRID must be unique within the IP inter face.
Virtual IP Address – Enter a Virtual IP Address. Each Vir tual Router can have one associated Vir tual IP 
Address. The Vir tual IP Address (VIP):
must be in the range of IP addresses covered by the IP inter face or the subnets
must not match the IP address of any other VIP
If it matches the local IP address of that inter face or the subnets, the Vir tual Router will be defaulted to 
have a priority of 255. See below.
A router currently in VRRP Master mode is the only device which will respond on the Vir tual IP address. 
Consequently, a router using the Vir tual IP address as its Ethernet address will be non-responsive when not in 
VRRP Master mode. Therefore, it is recommended that the Vir tual IP address not be used as the unique 
Ethernet IP address of any network device.
Priority – Assign a Priority in the range of 1 – 255 to the Vir tual Router. The default is 100. The priority of 
a Vir tual Router will default to 255 if the Vir tual Router is the IP address owner. A priority of 255 indicates 
that the Vir tual Router should operate in Master mode. Even a non-owner can have a priority of 255, and 
thus operate in Master mode. You can configure only one Vir tual Router to be a Master by default (priority 
of 255) for an inter face.
Preempt Mode – Toggle Preempt Mode either Yes or No. This setting specifies whether the router should 
preempt the current Master for the ID, if its priority is greater than the current Master. 
Note: A Vir tual Router will always preempt if it is the owner of the Vir tual IP address, regardless of the 
Preempt Mode setting.
Advertisement-Interval – Enter an Adver tisement-Inter val in seconds, after which the Master sends VRRP 
adver tisement packets.
                             Add Virtual Router
         VRID:                              0
         Virtual IP Address:      
         Priority:                          100
         Preempt Mode:                      Yes
         Advertisement-Interval:            1
         Enable:                            No
         ADD VIRTUAL ROUTER NOW             CANCEL
Enter a value between 1 and 255.