Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

IP Setup   7-37
Enable – Toggle Enable to Yes to enable this Vir tual Router; or No to disable it.
Select ADD VIRTUAL ROUTER NOW and press Return. You are returned to the Ethernet LAN VRRP Options 
When an additional LAN is created, or deleted, the Router must be restar ted for proper VRRP 
Monitor WAN – Toggle this option to Yes (the default) to enable VRRP routers on the inter face to relinquish 
Master status if the WAN connection is down. If you do not want the VRRP routers to relinquish Master 
status, toggle this option to No. Also see 
more information.
Serve/Relay DHCP only if Virtual Router in Master state – If you toggle this setting to Yes, the router will 
stop DHCP ser vices if Vir tual Routers have been configured on the inter face, and no Vir tual Router is in 
Master state. Toggling this to No (the default) will sustain DHCP ser vices even if there is no Vir tual Router 
in Master state.
DHCP Gateway IP Address – This field allows you to enter a Vir tual IP address. Entering a Vir tual IP 
address causes the router to ser ve the Vir tual IP address as the DHCP gateway and ser ver IP instead of 
the configured DHCP gateway on the inter face. This behavior only happens if the Vir tual Router associated 
with the configured DHCP gateway address is in Master state.
Press Escape to return to the IP Setup screen.
                         Ethernet LAN VRRP Options
                     Display/Change Virtual Routers...
                     Add Virtual Router...
                     Delete Virtual Router...
                     Monitor WAN:                       Yes
                     Serve/Relay DHCP only if
                     Virtual Router in Master state:    No
                     DHCP Gateway IP Address: