Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

IP Setup   7-39
Additional LANs
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 includes suppor t for creating additional logical local area networks. When used 
in combination with VLANs (see 
), you can maintain separate functional 
end-to-end networks to suppor t such ser vices as voice-over-IP, point-of-sale applications, or audio and video 
ser vices.
Multiple logical IP LAN suppor t allows you to create additional IP routed LAN inter faces (ALANs). You can add, 
edit, or delete Additional LANs similarly to Connection Profiles on the WAN connection. You then associate 
physical or logical Ethernet-encapsulated inter faces, such as wired Ethernet por ts, wireless SSIDs, and ATM 
RFC 1483 bridged VCs, to these inter faces on platforms with more than one Ethernet-encapsulated inter face.
The additional LAN IP routed inter faces duplicate all the same parameters that apply to the primar y LAN 
inter face, such as DHCP ser vers, filtersets, multicast for warding, and RIP. You can configure up to six ALANs.
To configure an ALAN, select Additional LANs from the IP Setup screen and press Return.
The Additional LAN Configuration screen appears.
Select Add ALAN and press Return.
                         Additional LAN Configuration
                     Add ALAN...