Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

7-40  Firmware User Guide
The Add Additional LAN screen appears.
Supply the following information:
Name – Enter a descriptive name for the ALAN or accept the assigned default.
Enabled – Toggles whether the ALAN is active or not. The default is Yes.
MAC Address – This field contains the MAC address of the inter face. This is assigned automatically by the 
system, and cannot be modified.
Ethernet IP Address – The IP address of the additional LAN.
Ethernet Subnet Mask – The IP subnet mask address of the additional LAN.
Define Additional Subnets – Additional subnets for multi-homing (same as the primar y inter face). See 
IP Address Serving – Same as the global link to address ser ving. See 
RIP Options – Same as the primar y inter face. See 
VRRP Options – Same as the primar y inter face. Two Vir tual routers can be added to each of the ALANs. 
Multicast Forwarding – Same as the primar y inter face. See 
Filter Set – Attaches a defined filter set to the LAN. See 
When you are finished, select COMMIT and press Return. Your ALAN is configured.
ALAN creation or deletion takes effect only upon reboot. See 
you don’t know how to do this.
                               Add Additional LAN
         Name:                              Additional LAN 1
         Enabled:                           Yes
         MAC Address:                       00:00:00:00:00:00
         Ethernet IP Address:     
         Ethernet Subnet Mask:    
         Define Additional Subnets...
         IP Address Serving...
         Rip Options...
         Proxy Arp Enabled:                 No
         Multicast Forwarding...            None
         VRRP Options...
         Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
Return accepts * ESC cancels * Left/Right moves insertion point * Del deletes.