Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-2  Firmware User Guide
the Backup IP Gateway menu item in the IP Setup screen under the System Configuration menu
Here you enter a Backup Gateway IP address. See 
. Alternatively, you can choose a 
Detailed descriptions follow.
Connection Profiles
The dial backup feature allows you to configure a complete Connection Profile for the modem backup, just as 
you do for your primar y WAN connection. In this way profiles are associated with a par ticular inter face. It should 
have switched characteristics for modem backup.
Navigate to the Add Connection Profile screen.
If you used Easy Setup to configure your DSL connection, you have already created one Connection Profile. For 
the backup modem, you create a second Connection Profile, and associate it with the backup modem inter face.
Profile Name: Give the profile a descriptive name, for example “Modem Backup”.
Profile Enabled: Ordinarily this is toggled to Yes. You can toggle it to No, if you want to disable it later.
Encapsulation Type: From the pop-up menu select the encapsulation type. Usually, for modem dial-up 
connections, this will be PPP, but you can also select ATMP, PPTP, or IPsec for VPN connections. These 
are the options needed for dial-up.
Add Connection
                             Add Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Profile 1
         Profile Enabled:                   Yes
         Encapsulation Type...              RFC1483
         RFC1483 Mode...                    Bridged 1483
         IP Profile Parameters...
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
Return accepts * ESC cancels * Left/Right moves insertion point * Del deletes.
Configure a new Conn. Profile. Finished?  COMMIT or CANCEL to exit.