Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-4  Firmware User Guide
The Datalink (PPP/MP) Options screen appears.
Data Compression should remain set to Standard LZS.
Usually, you use PAP Authentication, with a dial-up connection, but you can also use CHAP, or None.
For PAP Authentication, you enter your User Name and Password, and a User Name and Password for 
authorization of dial-in connections (if so configured). For CHAP Authentication, you enter a Host Name and 
Unless other wise instructed, you can leave the other defaults unchanged.
Press Escape.
                            Datalink (PPP/MP) Options
         Data Compression...              +------+rd LZS
         Send Authentication...           | None |
                                          | PAP  |
         Send User Name:                  | CHAP |
         Send Password:                   +------+
         Receive User Name:
         Receive Password:
         Dial on Demand:                    Yes
PAP--   Password protection is used.  Passwords are exchanged in clear text.
                             Add Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Modem Backup
         Profile Enabled:                   Yes
         Encapsulation Type...              PPP
         Encapsulation Options...
         IP Profile Parameters...
         Interface Group...                 Backup
         Telco Options...
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
Configure a new Conn. Profile. Finished?  COMMIT or CANCEL to exit.