Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-5
Select IP Profile Parameters. The IP Profile Parameters screen appears.
Unless other wise instructed, accept the defaults, except the following:
Set Remote IP Address to
Set Remote IP Mask to
These allow your ISP to supply your IP address and subnet mask when you connect via dial-up.
Press Escape to return to the Add Connection Profile screen.
When you chose Backup for the Inter face Group, Telco Options became visible. Select Telco Options.
The Telco Options screen allows you to set the parameters for the modem connection.
                            IP Profile Parameters
         Address Translation Enabled:       Yes
         IP Addressing...                   Unnumbered
         NAT Map List...                    Easy-PAT List
         NAT Server List...                 Easy-Servers
         NAT Options...
         Stateful Inspection Enabled:       No
         Local WAN IP Address:    
         Remote IP Address:       
         Remote IP Mask:          
         Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set
         RIP Profile Options...
Toggle to Yes if this is a single IP address ISP account.
Configure IP requirements for a remote network connection here.