Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-6  Firmware User Guide
From the Dial pop-up menu, you can choose whether to Dial Out Only, Dial In Only, or Dial In/Out (default).
Dialing Prefix: If you are connected to a Centrex or PBX phone system that requires you to dial a prefix 
number (such as “9” for an outside line), enter it here.
You can add the Number to Dial and an Alternate Site to Dial, if available.
You can toggle Dial on Demand to Yes or No. This allows the router to determine whether or not to dial the 
backup number when there is traffic that needs to be transmitted or received.
You can set the Idle Timeout (seconds) to tear down the connection after some specified period of 
You can also toggle Callback to No or Yes. In most cases, since this is a backup connection, you can leave 
this set to the default No.
In some cases, your ser vice provider or corporate office may use the CompuSer ve Login protocol. If so, 
toggle CompuServe Login Enabled to Yes. Other wise, leave the default No.
When enabled, CompuSer ve Login requires that you enter a CompuServe Host Name, a CompuServe User 
Name, and a CompuServe Password. These options become visible only if you enable CompuSer ve Login.
Press Escape. You are returned to the Add Connection Profile screen.
Select COMMIT, and press Return. Your backup Connection Profile will be created and enabled.
                                 Telco Options
         Dial...                            Dial In/Out
         Dialing Prefix:
         Number to Dial:
         Alternate Site to Dial:
         Dial on Demand:                    Yes
         Idle Timeout (seconds):            300
         Callback:                          No
         CompuServe Login Enabled:          No