Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-7
IP Setup
Here, you set the IP address of the alternate gateway.
Navigate to the IP Setup screen under the System Configuration menu.
Set Backup IP Gateway to 
Set Secondary Domain Name Server to the IP Address DNS of your dial-up ISP.
System Configuration
IP Setup
                                  IP Setup
         Ethernet IP Address:     
         Ethernet Subnet Mask:    
         Define Additional Subnets...
         Default IP Gateway:      
         Backup IP Gateway:       
         Primary Domain Name Server:
         Secondary Domain Name Server:
         Domain Name:
         RIP Options...
         Multicast Forwarding...            None
      Static Routes...                         IP Address Serving...
Enter an IP address in decimal and dot form (
Set up the basic IP attributes of your Netopia in this screen.