Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-9
Choose the inter face to configure for backup, MODEM (Wan Module 2) Setup.
The Internal Modem Setup screen appears.
Modem Dialing Prefix: ATDT is the standard Hayes-compatible code for aler ting the modem itself. You 
probably don’t need to change this, unless you have a good reason and are familiar with the Hayes modem 
command set.
PBX Dialing Prefix: If you are connected to a Centrex or PBX phone system that requires you to dial a prefix 
number (such as “9” for an outside line), enter it here.
Line Directory Number: Enter the telephone number for the line you are connected to.
Speaker On: You can set how you want to hear dialing and connection tones generated by the modem, or 
you can turn them off, from the pop-up menu. Options are: Never, Until Carrier, During Answer, Always.
Speaker Volume: You can set how loud the modem tones will be from the pop-up menu: 1-Softest, 
2-Medium, 3-Loudest.
Answer Incoming calls: You can determine whether or not the modem will respond to incoming calls on 
this line, from the pop-up menu: Always or Never.
Country: Select your countr y from the pop-up menu.
When you are finished, press Escape.
                             Internal Modem Setup
         Modem Dialing Prefix:              ATDT
         PBX Dialing Prefix:
         Line Directory Number:
         Speaker On...                      Until Carrier
         Speaker Volume...                  2-Medium
         Answer Incoming calls...           Always
         Country...                         United States
Enter the dialing prefix to be sent to all modems.