Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-10  Firmware User Guide
Backup Configuration screen
Navigate to the Backup Configuration screen.
This screen is used to configure the conditions under which backup will occur, if it will recover, and how the 
modem is configured.
For the internal V.92 modem, the Backup Configuration screen appears as follows, when all options are enabled 
(default screen shows fewer menu items until some are enabled):
Select Backup is and from the pop-up menu, select Automatic (default), Manual, or Disabled. You enable 
line backup by selecting either Manual or Automatic. For fail-over purposes, choose Automatic.
Select Requires Failure of (minutes) and enter the number of minutes that the system should wait before 
it assumes that a connection failure has occurred. After that period, the system would switch to backup 
mode and connect via the modem.
Note: Backup and Recover y have resolutions of five seconds. This is how often the router evaluates the state 
of the connections and makes decisions.
Select Ping Host Name or IP Address #1 and #2 and enter IP address(es) or resolvable DNS name(s) that 
the Router will ping. These are optional items that are par ticularly useful for testing if the remote end of a 
VPN connection has gone down.
The Router will ping both addresses simultaneously at five-second inter vals, recording the ping responses 
from each host. The Router will proceed into backup mode only if neither of the configured remote hosts 
Advanced Connection
                             Backup Configuration
         Backup Parameters
         Backup is...                       Automatic
         Requires Failure of (minutes):     1
         Ping Host Name or IP Address #1:
         Ping Host Name or IP Address #2:
         Recovery to ADSL...                Automatic
         Requires Recovery of (minutes):    1
         Clear Backup Call only if idle:    No
         Backup mode disables RIP/Primary:  No
         Data Link Encapsulation is         Async PPP
Enter Information supplied to you by your telephone company.