Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-11
While the Router is in backup mode, it will continue to ping both hosts via the primar y inter face. If either 
host responds to a ping and Recovery is set to Automatic, the Router will rever t to the primar y inter face.
Should this address become unreachable the router will treat this as a loss of connectivity and begin the 
backup timer. This loss is a Layer 2 loss.
For best results, enter an IP address and not a host name. If a host name is used it may not be 
resolvable, and may keep the inter face down.
Set the Ping Host Name or IP Address to the router's Default Gateway, or other reliable IP address 
elsewhere on the backbone – for example, a DNS ser ver. This will ensure that the router will initiate backup 
connection on loss of Layer 3.
If you want the router to initiate the backup connection on loss of Layer 1 or 2 only (Physical or Data 
link Layer), leave Ping Host Name or IP Address blank. Do not use in this field. Hit the space bar or 
Delete key to CLEAR the field totally. Leaving in this field tells the router to ping an address that does 
not exist. 
Select Recovery to ADSL and press Return. Choose either Manual or Automatic to determine how the 
system will return to the primar y WAN link when it becomes available again. If you choose Automatic, the 
next two menu items become visible.
Note: Automatic recover y only works upon loss of primar y WAN connectivity.
If you chose Automatic Recover y, select Requires Recovery of (minutes) and enter the number of min-
utes that the system should wait before it assumes that a connection has been re-established. This 
allows you to be sure that the primar y WAN connection is well re-established before the router 
switches back to it from the backup mode. If the router's primar y connection fails at layer 1, the 
Requires Recovery of (minutes) parameter determines the amount of time the primar y layer 1 connec-
tion must be up (recovered) before the router will tear down the backup connection and rever t to the 
primar y inter face. 
Select Clear Backup Call only if idle. The default Yes will prevent the backup call from being torn down if 
there is activity on the backup connection when the primar y connection comes back up. You can toggle this 
to No if you wish.
The Clear Backup Call only if Idle timer is a separate timer from the Requires Recovery of (minutes) 
timer. The router will first reach the Requires Recover y of (minutes) counter and count down to zero. Then 
the router will consult the Clear Backup Call only if Idle timer to learn if the backup connection has been 
idle for the specified seconds. If the connection has been idle for the specified seconds, then the teardown 
process of the backup connection will begin.
Requires idle time of (seconds) specifies how long the device should wait before permitting the call to be 
torn down after a period of inactivity. 
Toggling Backup mode disables RIP/Primary to Yes (disabled) allows you to disable RIP ser vices on the 
primar y WAN inter face when the Router is in Backup mode. RIP ser vices ordinarily will continue to run on 
the primar y inter face when in Backup mode, attempting to determine “layer 2” connectivity.
Usually, the default No setting is desirable, since it may be required to ping the configured host that 
determines “layer 2” connectivity. However, RIP running on the recovering primar y inter face may cause 
problems specific to your application. When in Backup mode, RIP routes are still sent and received through 
the primar y inter face, even though that is not the active inter face.