Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-12  Firmware User Guide
Data Link Encapsulation is Async PPP – if it appears (not on all models) this field is not editable.
When you are finished, press Escape.
Using Scheduled Connections with Backup
The backup link is a PPP dial-up connection and only connects to the Internet ser vice provider when traffic is 
initiated from the LAN. If you want to use the backup link to provide redundancy for ser vices, such as a Web 
ser vice that you provide to the outside world, you must force the connection to stay up. You do this by creating 
a scheduled connection entr y that will be a permanent “forced up” connection for the backup modem. The 
backup modem will be activated upon primar y WAN link failure and remain active until primar y WAN link 
recover y.
To configure a Scheduled Connection, from the Main Menu select WAN Configuration and then Scheduled 
The Scheduled Connections screen appears.
Select Add Scheduled Connection and press Return. The Add Scheduled Connection screen appears.
Advanced Connection
                             Scheduled Connections
                     Display/Change Scheduled Connection...
                     Add Scheduled Connection...
                     Delete Scheduled Connection...
Return/Enter to add a Scheduled Connection.
Navigate from here to add/modify/change/delete Scheduled Connections.