Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-15
The Backup Configuration screen appears.
This screen is used to configure the conditions under which backup will occur, if it will recover, and how the 
alternate gateway is configured.
Select Backup is and press Return. A pop-up menu allows you to select Disabled, Manual, or Automatic. 
You enable backup by selecting either Manual or Automatic. If you enable backup, the subsequent menu 
items become visible.
Select Requires Data Link Failure of (minutes). Enter the number of minutes you want the system to wait 
before the backup por t becomes enabled in the event of primar y line failure. This allows you to be sure the 
WAN connection is not merely briefly interrupted before the gateway switches to backup mode.
Select Ping Host Name or IP Address #1 and #2 and enter IP address(es) or resolvable DNS name(s) that 
the Router will ping. These are optional items that are par ticularly useful for testing if the remote end of a 
VPN connection has gone down.
The Router will ping both addresses simultaneously at five-second inter vals, recording the ping responses 
from each host. The Router will proceed into backup mode only if neither of the configured remote hosts 
While the Router is in backup mode, it will continue to ping both hosts via the primar y inter face. If either 
host responds to a ping and Recovery is set to Automatic, the Router will rever t to the primar y inter face.
For best results, enter an IP address and not a host name. If a host name is used it may not be 
resolvable, and may keep the inter face down.
Select Recovery to “WAN_name” (where WAN_name is the type of WAN connection you have, such as 
ADSL) and press Return. Choose either Manual or Automatic to determine how the system will return to the 
WAN link when it becomes available again. If you choose Automatic, the next two menu items become 
If you chose Automatic Recover y, select Requires Recovery of. Enter the number of minutes you want 
                             Backup Configuration
         Backup Parameters                +-----------+
         Backup is...                     | Disabled  |
         Requires Failure of (minutes):   | Manual    |
         Ping Host Name or IP Address #1: | Automatic |
         Ping Host Name or IP Address #2: +-----------+
         Recovery to ADSL...                Automatic
         Requires Recovery of (minutes):    1
         Auto-Recovery on loss of Layer 2:  No
Automatically switches to Backup Port on loss of Layer 1 or 2.