Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-16  Firmware User Guide
the system to wait before attempting to switch back to the WAN connection. This allows you to be sure 
that the WAN connection is well re-established before the gateway switches back to it from the backup 
Press Escape twice to return to the Main Menu.
IP Setup screen
To configure the backup gateway, from the Main Menu select System Configuration then IP Setup.
The IP Setup screen appears.
The IP Setup screen permits entr y of a backup IP gateway address. This field is always visible, even if the 
Default IP Gateway field is not filled out, as in the case of a DHCP-acquired IP address and default gateway on 
the WAN inter face. 
For more information on IP Setup see the 
Backup and Recover y have resolutions of five seconds. This is how often the gateway evaluates the 
state of the connections and makes decisions.
                                  IP Setup
         Ethernet IP Address:     
         Ethernet Subnet Mask:    
         Define Additional Subnets...
         Default IP Gateway:      
         Backup IP Gateway:       
         Primary Domain Name Server:
         Secondary Domain Name Server:
         Domain Name:
         Receive RIP...                     Both
         Transmit RIP...                    Off
      Static Routes...                         IP Address Serving...
      Network Address Translation (NAT)...
Enter an IP address in decimal and dot form (
Set up the basic IP attributes of your Netopia in this screen.