Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Line Backup   8-17
Backup Management/Statistics
If backup is enabled, the Statistics & Logs menu offers a Backup Management/Statistics option.
To view Backup Management/Statistics, from the Main Menu select Statistics & Logs then 
Backup Management/Statistics and press Return.
The Backup Management/Statistics screen appears.
Current Gateway is a display-only field that shows which por t is currently in operation.
Backup State is a display-only field that shows the current state of Backup or Recover y.
Reason becomes visible when a failure of or recover y to the Primar y inter face is in progress.
During backup, the following reasons may appear:
Loss of Layer 1
Indicates a loss of sync on the Primar y link
Loss of Layer 2
Indicates connection profile cannot come up
Loss of Layer 2 (ping)
Indicates Backup Ping Address not responding
Loss of Layer 2 (Protocol Failure)
Indicates Primar y link not responding to Protocol check 
(LCP Echo, LMI Status Request)
Backup Management/
Statistics & Logs
                         Backup Management/Statistics
         Current Gateway:                   Primary
         Backup State:                      Primary Port Failure in Progress
         Reason:                            Loss of Layer 1
         Time Since Detection:              0:12
         Switchover Time:                   2:00
                                FORCE RECOVERY