Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

8-18  Firmware User Guide
During recover y, the following reasons may appear:
Time Since Detection is a display-only field that is only visible if backup or recover y is in progress. It 
displays the elapsed time since detection of either WAN line failure or re-establishment of the connection.
Switchover Time displays how high the Time Since Detection will count before the inter face switches, 
either from Primar y to Backup or from Backup to Primar y.
This field is only visible if Backup or Recover y is set to Automatic.
When the current inter face is Primar y and a backup condition exists Switchover Time will display one of 
two values:
• If the last backup event was on layer 2 and Auto-Recovery on loss of Layer 2 is set to YES, it will display 
the Layer 2 Failure Timer value. 
• If this is the first backup event, or the last backup event was on layer 1, it will display the Requires 
Failure of
When the current inter face is the Backup inter face and a recover y condition exists, it will display the 
Requires Recover y of value.
The displayed value does not change. Rather it indicates how high the Time Since Detection must count 
before the switchover occurs.
The FORCE BACKUP/FORCE RECOVERY option is a selectable option that, depending on the current state 
of backup, will force the switching of gateways. If you are currently in backup mode, the option will be 
FORCE RECOVERY. If you are currently in primar y mode, the option will be FORCE BACKUP. Selecting 
either one and pressing Return will force the link to switch to the other mode.
The QuickView screen now has an information element to indicate which gateway is in use.
Recovery of Layer 1
Indicates sync restored on the Primar y link
Layer 2 Override
Indicates the backup occurred on layer 2, and 
‘Auto-Recover y on loss of Layer 2’ was set to YES
Layer 2 Recovery
Indicates that backup was on Layer 2 and the inter face is 
fully restored (including Backup Ping)
                                  Quick View             9/29/2005 01:05:35 PM
 Default IP Gateway:
 Primary DNS Server:           Gateway installed -- Backup
 Secondary DNS Server:           Domain Name: