Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

2-8  Firmware User Guide
With multiple VCs you must explicitly statically bind the second (and all subsequent) VCs to a profile. 
The first VC will automatically statically bind according to pre-defined dynamic binding rules when you add the 
second VC. It will rever t back to dynamic binding if the number of VCs is reduced to one; for example, by 
deleting previously defined VCs.
When the link comes up the router binds the VC dynamically to the first suitable Connection Profile or to the 
Default Profile if there is no Connection Profile configured.
 If you factor y default the router, the VC binds to the Default Profile.
 If you delete a Connection Profile that is statically bound to a VC, the VC binding is set back to the Default 
Profile. If there is only one VC defined, the VC dynamically binds to the first suitable profile or to the Default 
Profile. If there are multiple VCs defined, it binds to the Default Profile.
 If you add a second VC, it is initialized to the Default Profile, and the menu screens display the VC 
Connection Profile-related items, allowing you to bind to a specific Connection Profile instead of the Default 
Profile. In addition, the router statically binds the first VC according to the rules used to select a profile for 
dynamic binding. At this point, each profile uses static binding when the link is brought up.
 If there are no VCs when you add a VC -- for example, if you deleted all your previous VCs and star ted adding 
them again -- dynamic binding will occur when the link comes up. If you delete a VC, leaving only one VC, that VC 
resumes dynamically binding again.
Select ADD Circuit NOW and press Return.
To display or change a circuit, select Display/Change Circuit, select a circuit from the pop-up menu, and 
press Return. The fields are the same as those in the Add Circuit screen.
To delete a circuit, select Delete Circuit, select a circuit from the pop-up menu, and press Return. In the 
confirmation window, select CONTINUE and press Return.
10. Press Escape to return to the WAN Setup menu.