Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Monitoring Tools   9-3
Rate: Shows the line rate for this connection.
%Use: Indicates the average percent utilization of the maximum capacity of the channels in use for the 
Remote Address: Shows the IP address of the connected remote gateway.
Est: Indicates whether the connection was locally (“Lcl”) or remotely (“Rmt”) established.
More Info: Indicates the NAT address in use for this connection.
Status lights
This section shows the current real-time status of the Router’s status lights (LEDs). It is useful for remotely 
monitoring the gateway’s status. The Quick View screen’s arrangement of LEDs corresponds to the physical 
arrangement of LEDs on the gateway. These LEDs and the corresponding display in the Telnet menu screen will 
var y by model.
Each LED representation can repor t one of four states:
–: The LED is off.
R: The LED is red.
G: The LED is green.
Y: The LED is yellow.
Statistics & Logs
When you are troubleshooting your Router, the Statistics & Logs screens provide insight into the recent event 
activities of the gateway.
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 updates timestamps repor ted in the system logs with new timestamps as 
these are updated via NTP. The restamp of the time is done in the background after NTP is received. It may take 
a few moments for the log to show up with the correct times added.
From the Main Menu go to Statistics & Logs and select one of the options described in the sections below.
                                 LED Status
 -PWR---USB---DSL Link Activity--ETHERNET Activity Link--+--------LEDS---------
                                                         | '-'= Off 'G'= Green
   G     -       -       -                G         G    | 'R'= Red 'Y'= Yellow
Statistics & Logs