Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

9-4  Firmware User Guide
Event Histories
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 records cer tain relevant occurrences in event histories. Event histories are 
useful for diagnosing problems because they list what happened before, during, and after a problem occurs. 
You can view two different event histories: one for the gateway’s system and one for the WAN.
The gateway’s event histories are structured to display the most recent events first, and to make it easy to 
distinguish error messages from informational messages. Error messages are prefixed with an asterisk. Both 
the WAN Event Histor y and Device Event Histor y retain records of the 128 most recent events.
In the Statistics & Logs screen, select WAN Event History or Device Event History.
WAN Event History
The WAN Event Histor y screen lists a total of 128 events on the WAN. The most recent events appear at the 
Each entr y in the list contains the following information:
Date: Date of the event.
Time: Time of the event.
Event: A brief description of the event.
Ch.: The channel involved in the event.
• WAN Event Histor y
Statistics & Logs
• Device Event Histor y
                               WAN Event History
                                       Current Date --  05/11/2006 03:02:23 PM
 ----------------------------------SCROLL UP-----------------------------------
 05/03/06 13:59:06   DSL: IP up, channel 1, gateway:
 05/03/06 13:59:05   DSL: Channel 1 up
 05/03/06 13:59:05 >>WAN: data link activated at 1040 Kbps
 05/03/06 13:58:32 --Device restarted-----------------------------------------
 05/03/06 12:46:39 --Device restarted-----------------------------------------
 05/03/06 11:45:57 --Device restarted-----------------------------------------
 05/02/06 17:58:15   DSL: IP up, channel 1, gateway:
 05/02/06 17:58:10   DSL: Channel 1 up
 05/02/06 17:58:10 >>WAN: data link activated at 1040 Kbps
 05/02/06 17:57:05   DSL: IP down, channel 1
 05/02/06 17:57:05   Link 1 down: No Synch
 05/02/06 17:57:05 >>WAN: data link deactivated
 05/02/06 17:48:02   DSL: IP up, channel 1, gateway:
 05/02/06 17:48:01   DSL: Channel 1 up
 ---------------------------------SCROLL DOWN----------------------------------
 Clear History...
Return/Enter on event item for details or SCROLL [UP/DOWN] item for scrolling.