Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

9-6  Firmware User Guide
IP Routing Table
The IP routing table displays all of the IP routes currently known to the Router.
The routing table screen represents a snapshot of the routing table information at the time the screen is first 
invoked. To take a new snapshot, select Update at the bottom of the screen and press Return.
General Statistics
The General Statistics screen displays information about data traffic on the Router’s data por ts. This 
information is useful for monitoring and troubleshooting your LAN. Note that the counters roll over at their 
maximum field width, that is, they restar t again at 0.
Statistics & Logs
• IP Routing Table
                               IP Routing Table
 Network Address-Subnet Mask-----via Gateway------Port------------------Type----
 ----------------------------------SCROLL UP-----------------------------------         --                    Other       Loopback              Local     Ethernet              Local     Ethernet              Local    Ethernet              Bcast         --                    Other --                    Bcast
 ---------------------------------SCROLL DOWN----------------------------------
Statistics & Logs
• General Statistics