Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Monitoring Tools   9-9
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 includes a Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) agent, allowing 
monitoring and configuration by a standard SNMP manager.
Netopia Routers suppor t SNMP-V1 and SNMP-V2c.
Beginning with Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1, Netopia Routers implement the following in the Netopia 
enterprise-specific MIB:
Wireless privacy objects suppor t wireless configuration and information about wireless clients associ-
ated with the router.
Vir tual LAN (VLAN) configuration objects
remote authentication profile (RADIUS) objects
MIBs are available in a variety of formats. Load this MIB into your SNMP management software. Follow the 
instructions included with your SNMP manager on how to load MIBs.
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 suppor ts the following management information base (MIB) documents:
MIB II (RFC 1213)
Inter face MIB (RFC 1229)
Ethernet MIB (RFC 1643)
Netopia MIB
SNMP-v2 Traps:
SNMP v2 MIB (RFC1907) v2 traps only; NPAV2TRAP.MIB (Netopia-specific)
ATM: ATM TC (RFC2514); 
You can obtain the latest SNMP MIBs from the Netopia anonymous FTP ser ver. 
FTP to:
Load these MIBs into your SNMP management software in the order they are listed here.
The SNMP Setup screen
From the Main Menu, select SNMP in the System Configuration screen and press Return. The SNMP Setup 
screen appears.