Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

9-10  Firmware User Guide
Follow these steps to configure the first three items in the screen:
Select System Name and enter a descriptive name for the Router’s SNMP agent. 
Select System Location and enter the gateway’s physical location (room, floor, building, etc.). 
Select System Contact and enter the name of the person responsible for maintaining the gateway.
The Notification Type pop-up menu allows you to configure the type of SNMP notifications that will be 
v1 Trap – This selection will generate notifications containing an SNMPv1 Trap Protocol Data Unit (PDU)
v2 Trap – This selection will generate notifications containing an SNMPv2 Trap PDU. SNMP-V2c is a more 
feature-rich version, but is not suppor ted by all vendors. Consult with your ser vice provider.
Inform – This selection will generate notifications containing an SNMPv2 InformRequest PDU.
System Name, System Location, and System Contact set the values returned by the Router SNMP agent for the 
SysName, SysLocation, and SysContact objects, respectively, in the MIB II system group. Although optional, the 
information you enter in these items can help a system administrator manage the network more efficiently. 
Community strings
The Read-Only Community String and the Read/Write Community String are like passwords that must be used 
by an SNMP manager quer ying or configuring the Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1. An SNMP manager using the 
Read-Only Community String can examine statistics and configuration information from the gateway, but 
cannot modify the gateway’s configuration. An SNMP manager using the Read/Write Community String can 
both examine and modify configuration parameters.
By default, the read-only and read/write community strings are set to public and private, respectively. You 
should change both of the default community strings to values known only to you and trusted system adminis-
To change a community string, select it and enter a new value.
                                  SNMP Setup
         System Name:
         System Location:
         System Contact:
         Read-Only Community String:        public
         Read/Write Community String:     +---------+
         Notification Type:               | v1 Trap |
         Authentication Traps Enable:     | v2 Trap |
                                          | Inform  |
         IP Trap Receivers...             +---------+