Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-2  Firmware User Guide
Telnet Tiered Access – Two Password Levels
Netopia Firmware Version 8.6.1 offers tiered access control for greater security and protection against 
accidental or malicious misconfiguration. Ser vice providers and network administrators can now limit the 
access of other users to the various configuration screens to prevent misconfigurations.
The access privileges of various users that may be assigned are governed by a Superuser administrative 
account. The Superuser can assign different privileges to Limited users who will be accessing the gateway 
functions in some way.
Configuration access names and passwords are specified in the Security Options screen. From the Main Menu, 
select System Configuration, then Security.
The Security Options screen appears.
UPnP Support
UPnP Enabled: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) is a set of protocols that allows a PC to automatically discover 
other UPnP devices (anything from an internet gateway device to a light switch), retrieve an XML description of 
the device and its ser vices, control the device, and subscribe to real-time event notification.
By default, UPnP is enabled on the Netopia Gateway.
For Windows XP users, the automatic discover y feature places an icon representing the Netopia Gateway 
automatically in the “My Network Places” folder.
                                Security Options
         UPnP Enabled (on reboot):                         Yes
         Enable Telnet Console Access:                     Yes
         Enable Telnet Access to SNMP Screens:             Yes
         Superuser Configuration...
         Advanced Security Options...
         Configuration Management...
Return/Enter accepts * Tab toggles * ESC cancels.