Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-3
PCs using UPnP can retrieve the Gateway’s WAN IP address, and automatically create NAT por t maps. This 
means that applications that suppor t UPnP, and are used with a UPnP-enabled Netopia Gateway, will not need 
application layer gateway suppor t on the Netopia Gateway to work through NAT.
You can disable UPnP, if you are not using any UPnP devices or applications.
You must reboot the Netopia device for this setting to take effect.
Superuser configuration
The access privileges of the Superuser account are not modifiable. It is possible, however, to control who can 
log in as Superuser.
Select Superuser Configuration and press Return.
The Superuser Configuration screen appears.
Assign a Superuser Name. It can be up to 19 characters long. It is good practice not to use any 
easily-guessed combination such as your bir thday.
Assign a Password. Keep this password secure. If you lose or forget it, you will not be able to access the 
gateway without factor y defaulting it, thereby losing all of your configuration information.
You can disable Telnet Access. This may be useful for extra security in preventing remote attempts to 
access the gateway.
Select ADD SUPERUSER and press Return. The Superuser account is now configured.
You will be challenged for this name and password ever y time you attempt to log into the gateway.
                             Superuser Configuration
         Name (19 characters max):          admin
         Telnet Access Enabled:             Yes
         ADD SUPERUSER                   CANCEL