Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-4  Firmware User Guide
Limited user configuration
The Add Access Name/Password and Show/Change Access Name/Passwords screens allow you to select 
which configuration features a limited (non-Superuser) user can access. From the Security Options screen, 
select Add Access Name/Password. The Add Access Name/Password screen appears.
Assign a User Name and Password, and enable or disable Telnet and Web access as in the Superuser 
Configuration screen.
Select Access Privileges, and from the pop-up menu, choose which access privilege you want this user to 
have: All, LAN, or WAN.
If you assign any of these privileges, limited users will have full access to privileges associated with these 
inter faces. You can customize these privileges fur ther, in order to limit access to only cer tain por tions of 
those inter faces’ configuration, by selecting Custom. If you select Custom, the Access Privileges 
(Custom) screen appears.
                             Add Access Name/Password
         Name (19 characters max):          user
         Password:                          ********************
         Telnet Access Enabled:             Yes
         Access Privileges...             | All       |
                                          | LAN       |
                                          | WAN       |
                                          | Custom... |
         ADD USER                           CANCEL