Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-6  Firmware User Guide
Advanced Security Options
The Advanced Security Options screen allows you to configure the global access privileges of users 
authenticated via a RADIUS ser ver or a TACACS+ ser ver.
From the Security Options screen, select Advanced Security Options. The Advanced Security Options screen 
Select RADIUS or TACACS+ from the pop-up menu. Configuration information is given in the following sections:
                           Advanced Security Options
         Remote Authentication...         | RADIUS                    |
         Security Databases...            | TACACS+                   |
         Remote Server Addr/Name:         +---------------------------+
         Remote Server Secret:
         Alt Remote Server Addr/Name:
         Alt Remote Server Secret:
         RADIUS Identifier:
         RADIUS Server Authentication Port: 1812
         Remote Access Privileges...        Custom
         Telnet Server Port:                23
         MAC Address Authentication...
         LAN (Ethernet) IP Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set