Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-9
Configuration is similar to RADIUS ser ver configuration. An additional toggle option TACACS+ Accounting 
allows you to enable or disable the TACACS+ Accounting ser vices feature.
If the user is authenticated by a TACACS+ ser ver, and TACACS+ Accounting is enabled, the session is 
switched into Command Line Inter face (CLI) mode (see the Command Line Inter face Commands Reference
and cannot be switched to console mode. If TACACS+ Accounting is enabled on the Netopia Router, each 
command is sent to the TACACS+ ser ver in a TACACS+ Accounting transaction. The CLI command is then 
executed, regardless of the return code from the ser ver.
                           Advanced Security Options
         Remote Authentication...           TACACS+
         Security Databases...              Local only
         Remote Server Addr/Name:
         Remote Server Secret:
         Alt Remote Server Addr/Name:
         Alt Remote Server Secret:
         TACACS+ Accounting:                No
         Remote Access Privileges...        Custom
         Telnet Server Port:                23
         MAC Address Authentication...
         LAN (Ethernet) IP Filter Set...
         Remove Filter Set