Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

Security   10-15
Connection Profiles
The Superuser can disallow limited user access to a par ticular Connection Profile. When adding a Connection 
Profile in the Add Connection Profile screen the Superuser can toggle the Superuser Accessible Only option to 
Yes or No.
This option is visible whether or not there are authorized username/passwords other than the Superuser.
The Superuser can also change the user accessibility after creating a Connection Profile or a limited user in the 
Change Connection Profile screen.
               Advanced Connection Options
          Configuration Changes Reset WAN Connection:     No
          Scheduled Connections...
          Backup Configuration...
          Prioritize Delay-Sensitive Data: No
User Access Level
Connection Profiles
Connection Profiles
                             Add Connection Profile
         Profile Name:                      Profile 1
         Profile Enabled:                   Yes
         Encapsulation Type...              PPP
         Encapsulation Options...
         IP Profile Parameters...
         Superuser Accessible Only:         No
         COMMIT                             CANCEL
Return/Enter to accept the profile.
Configure a new Conn. Profile. Finished?  COMMIT or CANCEL to exit.