Netopia 3346N-ENT User Guide (en)

10-18  Firmware User Guide
Quick Menus
Quick Menus var y considerably between models, features, and access levels. The following is an example 
comparison of the Quick Menu as seen by the Superuser and by a Limited user. 
Console Configuration is always visible.
ATM Circuits Configuration menu
You select ATM Circuits Configuration from the WAN Configuration menu. 
                                   Quick Menu
 Connection Profiles             Line Configuration        IP Setup
 Add Connection Profiles         Fr. Relay Config          IP Address Serving Setup
 Change Connection Profiles      Fr. Relay DLCI Config     IP Filter Sets
 Delete Connection Profiles      Backup Config             Static Routes
 WAN Default Profile             Telephone Setup           Network Address Translation
 ATMP/PPTP Default Profile
 IKE Phase 1 Config
 Scheduled Connections
 Add Scheduled Connection
 Change Scheduled Connection     MacIP Setup
 Delete Scheduled Connection
 Console Configuration
 SNMP Setup
                                   Quick Menu
                                                     IP Setup
                                                     IP Address Serving Setup
                                                     Filter Sets
                                                     Static Routes
                                                     Network Address Translation
 Console Configuration        TFTP
This menu allows you to visit most configuration screens.
Limited user
ATM Circuits
WAN Configuration